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Migrate to Canada

The most popular program for applying for a permanent residency visa in Canada is Canada Express Entry. Express Entry System was introduced in 2015 and since then it is the most popular method to manage the skilled worker immigration applications online. Under this system, applicants are placed together with a number of candidates, and from their they are selected based on their human capital factors which include things like age, education, work, experience, and language ability.

Express Entry

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There are three programs under Express Entry

Federal Skilled worker program

It is for those who have skills and experience in a specific occupation. Applicants must have one year of experience in an occupation that is listed as being in high demand. Also, the required education and language ability is must.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

It is for those who have experience in a skilled trade. The applicant must have at least two years of work experience in a skilled trade or a certificate of qualification issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority.

Canadian Experience Class

It is for those who have already gained work experience in Canada. The applicant must have at least one year of experience in a skilled occupation in Canada.

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  • Canada PNP

    The Canada PNP program, also called the Provincial Nominee Programs are a way for people interested in moving to one of Canada’s provinces or territories to obtain permanent residency.

    The main purpose of PNP is to help meet Canada’s economic needs by attracting foreign workers and international students to areas where there are labor shortages. This program aims to keep families together and allow immigrants to settle in their new communities.

  • Why is PNP gaining popularity?

    The PNP programs are gaining popularity nowadays because they allow people to immigrate Canada even though they may have lower CRS score in the Express Entry System. Also, if you are nominated by a province in Canada, you get additional 600 points that ensures you get the invitation to apply for permanent residency in the Express Entry System.

    The people who go through the Canada PNP route include:
    • Applicant whose occupation is in demand
    • Students completing their education in Canada
    • People with family ties to the province
    • Candidates who don’t have high CRS but can get and invitation to apply for permanent residency based on the provincial nomination.

  • Alberta PNP

    Alberta Advantage Immigration Program is an economic immigration program that aims to attract and retain skilled workers and international graduates with the intention of permanently living and working in Alberta.

    Several streams of AAIP:
    • Alberta Opportunity Stream
    • Alberta Express Entry Stream
    • Rural Renewal Stream
    • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
    • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
    • Farm Stream
    • Rural Entrepreneur Stream

  • British Columbia PNP

    This is an economic immigration program that motivates skilled and experienced workoers, international graduates, and entrepreneurs worldwide to move to British Columbia and invest in the provincial economy.

  • Manitoba PNP

    Manitoba was among the first to create Provincial Nominee Program in 1998. The cost of living Manitoba is quite affordable as compared to other parts of Canada. It has a strong economy and plenty of job opportunities.

  • Ontario PNP

    Many government jobs are available in Ontario as it is the home to country’s capital Ottawa. It has several industries, including manufacturing agriculture and tourism. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is designed to help people immigrate to the province of Ontario.

    There are several streams under Ontario PNP:
    1) Human Capital Priorities Stream
    2) Skilled Trade Stream
    3) French Speaking Skilled Worker Team
    4) Ontario Entrepreneur Stream
    5) Foreign Worker Stream
    6) International Student Stream
    7) In Demand Skills Stream
    8) Masters Graduate Stream
    9) PHD Graduate Stream

  • New Brunswick PNP

    It is a way for skilled workers and graduates with experience in an occupation required in New Brunswck to gain permanent residence.

    The main immigration streams for New Brunswick are:
    1) The Express Entry Stream
    2) Skilled Worker Stream
    3) Business Immigration Stream

  • Nova Scotia PNP

    The main aim of Nova Scotia PNP is to make the province more attractive to skilled workers, international graduates and entrepreneur from around the world.

    Different NSNP streams are:
    1) Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry
    2) Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities
    3) Entrepreneur Stream
    4) Occupations in Demandm

  • Saskatchewan PNP

    This is a way to immigrate to Canada by getting a nomination from the province. It is designed to attract foreign workers and international students with skills and experience needed by Saskatchewan employers.

  • Express Entry vs PNP: The easier one for PR

    Express Entry and PNP, both are great options for those seeking permanent residency in Canada but which is easier depends on individual circumstances. If you have the required skills and experience that are demanded by a particular province the PNP may be the best one for you, whereas if you are confident to be capable of scoring high points in Express Entry system then this would be a better option for you.

    Factors to be considered while deciding Express Entry vs PNP
    1) The type of Job
    2) Score in the Express Entry System
    3) Language Skills
    4) Adjusting capacity in a particular province or territory

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